Take a look into the future of dentistry

Beneath the traditional practice, Dr. Nassery is leading a radical, quiet change to implement a new comprehensive approach in the dental industry.

An advanced dental health organization

Welcome to the Complete Health Group

We provide superior quality healthcare for patients and families and valuable advantages for dentists, physicians, and investors.

RealSmile Dental Clinics

Comfort, convenience and highest standards are the hallmarks of our dental clinics at both our locations: RealSmile Clinic and RealSmile Express.

The TMJ Research Foundation

A 501 C Non-Profit Organization founded to help in the diagnosis and treatment from dysfunction of craniocervical and cranio-mandibular systems.

Training and Conferences

Our group provides ultimate training experiences in practices, multidisciplinary approaches and brand new technologies to the dentistry community.

Be part of a brighter, whiter future

The acknowledged in the field of dental industry allow us to build Complete Health Group. In the last several years our emphasis has been on creating solid foundations for an integrated and functional dental group. From now on, we are looking towards increasing our presence and brands across America.

The dental technology revolution

While other fields of medicine promise exciting new cures, almost all of the recent improvement in dental health has come from broadening the view of patient diagnosis and treatment planning. We know both technology and technique are driving down the length of treatment needed and enabling us to do much more in less time for each patient.

Not just specialists, dental industry leaders
A local talent pool of specialists and support staff, spread across multiple practices, enables the company to allocate work across different practices branches and disciplines.
Human touch as part of our practice

At our practice, we want to hear from past experiences to fully understand our patients. We go beyond expectations to change their minds about dental care.

Unique, truly innovative technology

To enhance our ability to provide a seamless and comprehensive team approach, our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest technologies.

We build dentistry solutions and help them succeed

We are a group of companies focused on bringing new dentistry approaches to life, putting emphasis on human scale in the process of diagnosis and treatment.

At the heart of the Complete Health Group is a man with vision and leadership.

Dr. Nassery is a dentist practicing in South Florida, where he is also known as one the leading specialists of Physiologic Dentistry. He believes that Physiologic Dentistry is life changing for many patients suffering from neck pain, chronic headaches, sleep issues, snoring problems and other  more serious Temporomandibular Disorders.

His goal is not to look at each single tooth in order to solve a problem, rather to inspect the complete physiologic and anatomical system of the head and neck, treating the patient as a whole.

Physiologic dentistry also encompasses neuromuscular dentistry.

The science of aligning the lower jaw in relation to the upper jaw while creating a balanced and relaxed musculature of the head and neck in the process, without any surgery.