We make sure that the patients who walk thru our doors are healthier than when they first came in.

Dr. Nassery and our team of dental experts have been providing top quality dental services in Miami for over 20 years. This is defined as the Complete Restoration of the Smile, Function and Oral Environment as it pertains to the Complete Health of the individual.

We are a dedicated team to truly listening to patients who come to us for help in creating the smile they had always hoped for and where appropriate; alleviating a lifetime of pain, wear and tear that comes from a unfavorable bite.


The Real Smile Clinics goal is to provide a Complete Health experience by improving the quality of life of each patient, using traditional, progressive and alternative dental therapies.


The TMJ Research Foundation was founded to assist clinicians and help in the diagnosis and treatment of patients who suffer from dysfunction of craniocervical and cranio-mandibular systems.


Clinicians who care to share their data with other like-minded associates and their teams are encouraged to get involved with this Physiologic developing field through our training sessions.

Cutting-edge clinics open to community.

Complete Health Group focus on expanding The Real Smile Clinics, bringing Aesthetic Neuromuscular dentistry and Cosmetic Dental Treatments to more people. We believe in going a few steps further by focusing on the harmony between the jaw joints, the cervical neck and the muscles of the head and neck. Only by respecting these other structures of the body can we have Complete Health.


You can check here for news updates, our latest blogs and information on upcoming events. We will have a variety of media resources available including material from our seminars and trainings.