5 Fundamental Principles

Physiologic Dentistry is one of the most inspiring fields of dentistry, it offers many more options for treatment. The concepts and practice go back to the 1950s and have since been improved considerably. These concepts are based on principles of physiology that earned Nobel prizes for their discoverers.



Based on the Solid Sciences of Physiology, Anatomy and Human Growth and Development.


Belief that the human body is an intelligent unit that automatically compensates and self regulates in order for the whole unit to function.


Physiologic Dentistry views us all as being different genetically, biochemically and biomechanically.


The body has the ability to heal itself to prevent nearly all diseases of aging.


Health is not the absence of disease but rather the presence of vitality.

There is more to Physiologic Dentistry than teeth, bones and joints which is where most of dentistry focuses.

Many patients will see their dentist or physician seeking relief, but often their pain is not medical in origin, but instead is a functional problem and it needs a functional and physiologic solution.

The balance and function of the body needs to be restored. Through incorporating physiologic and biometric protocols in the diagnosis and treatment into our practice, we will provide a valuable and holistic approach to the patient.


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