The Seminar: Bone Biology, Bone Graft Biology, and the Clinical Application

Study: Neck pain and TMJ disorders
February 24, 2023
Study: Neck pain and TMJ disorders
February 24, 2023

TMJ Research Foundation Seminar

Hands-On Lecture and Participation 

March 10, 2023 Miami Florida

Continuing Education Seminar with Dr. Greg Steiner March 10, 2023   

How glad we were to have those of you who could make it here in Miami for the Participation Course with 

Dr. Greg Steiner, learning more about the Science behind Bone Biology. 

We learned a few new facts regarding bone grafting and the actual cellular processes that create true healthy Lamellar bone. Very eye-opening, even for the most skilled surgical operators. The lack of scientific evidence for using Cadaver bone to later use for implant sites, was shocking to say the least.

Thank you all for attending, getting together is such a good feeling with like-minded peers enriching our minds and finding the best ways to do our work at our Dental Practices. 

Until the next Continuing Education Course!

Wonderful Group of Doctor Peers Attending the Seminar