The Seminar: Essence of Comprehensive Digital Occlusion

Oct. 3 event to address health workforce well-being
September 25, 2022
Study: Neck pain and TMJ disorders
February 24, 2023

TMJ Research Foundation Seminar

Hands-On Lecture and Participation 

December 9, 2022 Miami Florida

The Essence of Comprehensive Digital Occlusion Using T-Scan 10 Technology with Dr. Robert Kerstein

Dr. Robert Kerstein, presenter for the TMJ Research Foundation on T~Scan Technology. Speaking on the applications with computer-guided occlusal diagnosis and computer guided occlusal adjusting, with implants, crown and bridge, all on 6, and how TScan greatly helps TMD patients. The whole group of Doctors and Team understand the practicality and sensibility of this method. Thanks to everyone who attended for their interest and enthusiasm to learn about modern day digital occlusion.

Wonderful Group of Doctor Peers Attending the Seminar